Configuring IIS using console

Photo by Arget on Unsplash

Setup of new development environment is a very time consuming operation each time (no matter what the reason is: moving to new project, OS reinstall, hardware update). Tools are getting better and better each day, now having fast internet connection and package managers, like NuGet and NPM we waste less time on installing all the required dependencies. But today I want to dig into small, but very easy-to-automate part of development environment setup part – adding and configuring site on IIS.

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C# Interactive

Recently I’ve installed the Update 1 for my Visual Studio 2015 and in my opinion the killer feature of this update is the C# Interactive window.

I’ve asked couple of .NET developers “What you are doing, when you need to quickly check one small code snippet (for example, LINQ expression or Regular Expression behavior for different input strings)?”. Here are the couple of popular answers:

  1. Use some third-party tools (like LINQPad);
  2. Open additional instance of Visual Studio with “ConsoleApplication1” project;
  3. Use online compilers;
  4. Use Immediate Window.

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